Self-Esteem and Mirror Magic

Would you like more joy and self-trust with just 5 minutes a day for yourself and your family?  I’ll show you how.

There are many studies connecting low self-esteem to suicide. This is the number 3 cause of death of people under 25.

A recent study led by James C. Overholser, Ph. D from the Psychology in Cleveland, Ohio, set out to examine the direct relationship between suicidal tendencies and self-esteem. The conclusion made was not a surprising one: low self-esteem is very closely related to feelings of hopelessness, depression, and suicidal ideation.

Louise Hay wrote and spoke about using a mirror to help you find and trust your self worth. I used her concepts in the first of my Anessa’s Series, Anessa’s Gift.

Spoofing, a national past-time, of this honored method for connecting with true guidance and trusting that you have self-worth only proves how valuable it is.

In the book, Anessa receives a mirror on her eleventh birthday from her grandmother. She is taught to look into it each morning and do the three steps of mirror magic:

  • Tell the “you” in the mirror “I love you”.
  • Tell the “you” in the mirror at least five wonderful things that you are or would like to be.
  • Ask “What can I do today to make you happy?”

When my older granddaughter turned eleven. I was privileged to give her her own “magic mirror”.

On her birthday I explained the whole concept and she did it with her mom (in person) and me (on the phone).. Of course there were giggles and encouragement. And there was great success.

She continued the practice each day. Her mom notices that when her daughter does her “Mirror Magic” she is happier, more emotionally stable, and less likely to argue with her sister. My granddaughter notices that on the days she remembers to do the “mirror magic” it is a much better day.

I’m inspired that the magic of my book is having a positive impact on my daughter and granddaughter.

Would you like to support your children, grandchildren, and friends with self-trust and joy?Anessa’s Gift can help you do that. You can get the novel at and start your own magic. I’d be glad to help you and your family with their own process as well.

 Margot Hawk is a parent coach and can be reached for personal session at

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