What Is Parent Coaching?

Our parent coaching services are not any sort of psychoanalysis or even therapy. Your coach starts from the premise that you are your own best authority and that we can work together to help you uncover your inner wisdom.

Each session is conducted by phone, and is between one and two hours in length, depending on what works best for you.


Raising Empathetic Children

Raising an empathetic child does not occur by chance. It involves thoughtful parenting that often begins with attachment parenting in early development. Our experience has shown time and time again that empathetic children develop closer bonds with family and friends, are courageous,  tend to thrive in life, and make the world a better place.

What Comprises a Parenting Coaching Session

A typical session might look like the following:

Our parental coaches will start with becoming aware of your breath and sensations in your body. Before we get into the work, you need to get into your body and not just your head. Then I’ll ask you questions like “What issues are up in your relationships – maybe with your children, maybe not?” and  “How do you feel in your body?” Using tools of compassionate awareness we come into present time and work with the issues and emotions that are showing up right now.

Parent coaching trusts that your body, emotions, and mind have a wisdom that we can trust. During a session we will do our best to follow the clues they offer. Like a treasure hunt, we will go through the route that is uniquely yours to find the treasures hidden in your inner landscape. Inquiry, parts work, and empathy will get us closer to your needs and what they are trying to tell us. We will listen deeply with the belief that everyone, even disowned parts of ourselves, want to be listened to with an open mind and gentle heart. We will look for constructive ways to meet your needs and free up your energy.

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    Parenting Coaching Tools

    Even more useful than the parenting tools we bring to our work is the energy of compassionate awareness. It is easy to get heady, sidetracked, or blaming with ourselves when we start to uncover our previously hidden beliefs and needs. When we start to open up to ourselves, it is so important to do so with gentleness, curiosity, and compassion. Again and again, our parenting coaches will help bring you back to compassionate awareness.

    A Parent Coaching session ends with heartfelt thanks and homework. Homework?!? Yes. We have found that the value of insights achieved during the coaching phone call is increased exponentially by putting those insights into practice in your day-to-day parenting.

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