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At Parent Coaching we are delighted you’ve found your way here! This site is designed to give you an practical solutions and resources that work using parent coaching. Whether you are a parent needing the help of a parent coach, or a potential parent coach yourself you have arrived at the best online resource.

Positive Parenting Through Coaching: Behavioral Changes

Through positive parent coaching, we are going to help you be open-hearted, vulnerable, and honest in all of your relationships, especially the relationship with your children. Our coaches provide you with tools and strategies to best practice positive parenting. Our coaches understand that each child is different and faces unique challenges. Whether you are seeking one-on-one time with one of our coaches or a parenting class, Parent Coaching can support your journey.

Child Behavior Challenges and Disorders

Our coaches work with parents of children who may have behavior disorders or have been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder etc. We work with parents on their top parental challenges and tackle them one by one. It does not matter whether the child has a diagnosis, our coaches work with each parent on the behaviors being exhibited. We review the child’s behavior patterns and practice resolutions on the phone that can be immediately implemented at home or school.
Being open-hearted, vulnerable, and honest as a parent is not a destination. It is a practice. That means we succeed and fail every day. We always have more opportunities to practice. Especially with our children.

We believe passionately in the creative awesomeness that is each of us. Our positive parenting coaches want to help you uncover that energy within you. We want to help you source daily actions and parenting choices from your wisdom, strength, and joy.

Parenting Classes

Parent coaching is here to address urgent needs first as we help restore or create peace in your home and with your family. Not sure where to start? Request a free parenting consultation. We have group and individual classes available in Nashville, as well as individual and group sessions online.

We are also a resource site for those of you who are passionate about helping parents and their children grow and develop in the way that is life-affirming for everyone involved. We offer training, support, and even (if you are interested) referrals.

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