Becoming a Successful Parent Coach (Our Signature Training Class)

Parenting Coach Certification Program Online

Simply put, parent coaching trains parents on how to parent effectively and peacefully. A parent coach helps parents successfully apply skills learned within their family. Are you looking for an online parent coaching certification program you can do on your own time? We have just the program for you. Parents seek certified coaches to help them create positive and peaceful households. Certification can give you the tools and credentials you need to start a successful parental training and coaching business.

Do you want to make a big, positive difference in the world while creating a stable income for yourself AND having flexible hours and freedom to spend time doing what you love?

Then you are in the right place.

Becoming a Successful Parent Coach: step-by-step:

  • Learn how to acquire clients in need of your services. And you will have not just any clients, your ideal clients, the parents who are so rewarding to coach they make your work feel like the best fun you’ve ever had.
  • How to be a great coach, handling any client or potential client with grace and ease.
  • How to: integrate your new parent coaching business into your life. You’ll get the support for your inner game that makes becoming a parent coach not just financially but personally and emotionally rewarding. See below for certification options.

Becoming an Effective Parent Coach Training

This class combines effective teaching tools with ultimate flexibility:

  • focused, effective teaching
  • group coaching,
  • coaching parents (i.e. real, live test clients),
  • independent study, and
  • partnered homework exercises.

The entire course takes place online and over the phone. You can be fully engaged without needing to travel anywhere.

Upon successful course completion, you will have the skills you need to attract your ideal clients when you want them, be confident in your abilities to handle whatever arises in your coaching, and integrate your parent coaching into your life. Guaranteed.

Get Started with Parent Coaching Certification

    Enrollment in Parent Coaching Program

    Enrollment has 2 steps. Step #1 Fill out the form on the right side of this page to schedule your free-no-strings-attached Interview with us to ensure this program is exactly what you need. Step #2 Complete payment using the link we will send you after we complete the interview.

    To take full advantage of the resources available to you through this class, plan to spend 24-40 hours per month throughout the class. While you are only required to meet about 15 hours a month for coaching and class time, it’s important to budget other time to implement the skills you learn. Becoming a Successful Parent Coach is a challenging, worthwhile, and completely possible endeavor. Giving yourself time with the material and action steps each week will dramatically increase your rate of success.

    If you’re ready to say “Yes!” to yourself, your children, your ideal clients, and the rain forest, then click the link below and I’ll help you complete your registration.  Once you say “Yes” with your money, the course starts working for you. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you start benefiting.

    Parent Coaching Training & Certification Investment

    $700 access to online materials and recorded classes

    $1700 access to all online materials and classes plus 5 one-on-one coaching calls with our lead trainer

    $3200 – Certification! gives you access to all online materials plus 12 one-on-one coaching calls with our lead trainer and review of your completed materials and demonstration coaching calls. Having a certification provides additional credibility when prospective parents are considering you for their coach.

    Making Sure Our Online Coaching Program Meets your Needs

    Let’s face it, this class is asking for a big commitment from you in both time and money. How do you know before you even begin if this is the right place to invest your resources? Trust yourself and listen to that quiet voice within you that says “Yes!”

    And you rest in the security of my money back guarantee. This is a safeguard for both of us. After all, I don’t want anyone in the class who doesn’t want to be there. Parenting coaching is all about relationships. We communicate regularly to ensure our relationship clear, clean, and mutually beneficial.

    What You Receive from our Parent Coaching Certification Program

    • The tools and experiences that if fully engaged with can create a successful parent coaching business after 6-months (and quite possibly sooner depending on where you are at the start of the program).
    • Accountability and overview. You’ll receive peer review and review by me of your coaching sessions and written material. You’ll get personal engagement with me throughout the course. All of these things make sure you get integrate the teaching into your life and are qualified once you leave.
    • To know you are part of making a big difference all over the world through our donations to the Pachamama Alliance.
    • Ongoing support and mentoring is provided. We’re happy to continue to engage with you and offer you ongoing mentoring and support. This can be through ongoing group classes, drop-in group coaching, peer group support, or personal coaching with me.
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    Benefits of Our Parenting Coach Certification Program

    With all this focus on what you get out of it, you might be wondering what I get out of having you in our parent coaching certification class. First of all, our qualified coaches will equip you with the tools and techniques to make a difference in the lives of children, parents, and families.

    This is also our favorite way to make a difference in the world.The effects of families who practice positive parenting are far-reaching. Other families notice and the children and parents in peaceful positive families tend to thrive in life.

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