Positive Parenting and Workplace Sensitivity Training

As parents committed to the positive parenting approach, many of you will try such techniques out with adults. You may even go as far as using the strategies that work with your children in the workplace. Things like setting clear expectations, using active listening, and definitely regulating emotions. The last thing you want is a workplace relationship analogous to an uninvolved parenting style.

Along those same lines positive parents tend to be inclusive in the workplace. It is a natural outcome of being respectful of others and valuing different opinions when brainstorming, working on a project, or getting to know someone personally. Even the field of positive parenting itself has recently recognized the need for inclusion beyond mothers and children to include fathers, grandparents, and all caregivers. So what if you find that your workplace is not very positive and lacks sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion? them the forum to see diversity and potentially hurtful comments from a different lens.

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Starting a Diversity Council

Consider joining your company’s or organization’s diversity council if one exists. If not, see if you can get a group of diverse employees together that see the value in the council and start one. There are guides you can use to get started from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Another important step in establishing the culture and working environment you seek is starting with diversity training or building on the awareness or sensitivity training that was already initiated. Training is involved in the process to introduce key ideas around respect and the importance of using respectful communication practices. In person training is almost always the most engaging and effective.

Remember nearly all employees are teachable. As long as they are willing to listen and learn, there is hope. Also, diversity training is not something that is intrusive. Great diversity trainers present the courses in a way that engages the employees and gives

Online Training Webinars

Blended solutions are also an option and can have great outcomes. These options include webinars, presentations, and online training. Assuming leadership and managers get on board in sponsoring such programs, the opportunity for success is vast. Companies such as Diversity Builder, Inc. are established in leading successful diversity and sensitivity training programs that set up effective accountability systems within companies and teams.

Diversity Consulting

Following the training, the trainers should meet with the managers and human resources leaders to assess progress and establish next steps. It is definitely an ongoing process. This can involve additional facilitation with the management team to equip them with leading their teams in this effort. It may also take the form of one-on-one coaching of managers or employees who may be struggling with the program or in violation of the code of conduct for inappropriate behavior or communication. Things to consider include a review of the mission statement and values of the organization. Does your company have a diversity statement? Is the harassment prevention policy up-to-date? Does it use inclusive language and have bystander intervention support? These are important factors to consider as your company embarks on the journey of embracing and promoting diversity and inclusion.

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