Parenting Advice: The Importance of Empathy for Your Kids’ Future

A study published through the National Institute of Health found that empathy correlated to higher rankings of clinical competence. In short, people felt better being treated by doctors with more empathy. Empathy is easiest to learn as a child. Doctors with a better bedside manner were able to connect with how their patients were feeling.

Doctors with a better bedside manner learned empathy as children.

I believe in the work I do.

So it’s particularly fun when I find independent research that confirms what I’m already seeing in my clients and myself. Empathy is important.

How can you help your children develop more empathy?

Try these three simple steps:

  1. Model it. Children emulate their parents. They copy us all the time in both good and bad behavior. Modeling empathy through reflective listening and compassionate attention teach your children the skills and help them value them.
  2. Attribute Positive Motivation. Assume the best about your child’s motivation. Look for how they are just trying to get some underlying need or motivation met through even the most anti-social behavior. Help them see themselves and others this way too.
  3. Get help. Work with me through parent coaching sessions to learn empathy with yourself and your children. Learning new skills is hard. Getting support makes it easier. Get started with a free consultation here.

I see parents and children interact with less struggle, more understanding, and more harmony after working with me. We learn skills like reflective listening and developing compassionate attention. We sleuth out underlying needs and motivations based on presenting behaviors. And above all we keep in mind that all people and all parts of a person are basically good. Compassion and empathy will allow that innate goodness to shine through in our actions.

by Kassandra Brown, Parent Coach

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