Preparing for Birth

What is birth?

A baby emerges from a place of soft watery perfect temperature always surrounded by living flesh no hunger all needs met instantly into a world of air (ouch! to feel those first breaths) and the foreign experiences of clothing (what is this dead stuff?) and cold and hunger and dry and having to ask for what s/he needs. What is that like? How can we consciously make choices that allow our children to make the easiest possible transitions into this world? Birth is the biggest change we will have in this life. Death is the only other that compares and it is a transition to something we cannot see from here. So birth is the prototype for all change.

We learn continuously, soaking in amazing amounts of information about the fundamental nature of reality. When I ask for help, do I get it or is it withheld? Am I important enough to be listened to, or am I ignored? Is my world safe, or am I hurt with needle pricks? Is it safe to love or will my mother, the giver of all life, be ripped away from me? Does eating feel truly nourishing or am I always craving something more?

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