Our Services

Would you like personalized coaching support? We do that.
Would you like training to become a parenting coach? We offer that. 
Would you like to be part of an online class or workshop? We support that.
Would you like free resources to help make parenting easier? We've got that.

What Our Clients Say

"I was hesitant to commit to even three sessions when I first talked to Kassandra, but something about the way she listened in that first free consultation soothed my fears. I've been with her now for over two years (50 sessions!) and I look forward to every call. All areas of my life, including homeschooling my kids and navigating my mother's failing health, is easier with her support. The most surprising benefit from our coaching is that I no longer have panic attacks while driving."

-Cynthia Berry, WV

"What Becoming a Successful Parent Coach offers for the price seems too good to be true. I was expecting less than Kassandra promised. Instead I got far more - confidence, support, and practices that are bringing my parent coaching practice into reality. Yes!"

-Linda McNabb, OH

"Not every idea we tried worked, so why am I glad I hired a parent coach? Through our coaching together I'm trusting myself, doing my self-care, and listening to the wisdom within me. The issues I came to her with are fading away. We have more family harmony and less acting out."

-Chalva Cohen, FL

"I recently experienced my first coaching session with Margot, she guided me to a place of inner calm, where I was able to hear and see what was currently holding me back. While it's not always easy to dig into the inner depths of myself, due to the fears that are lurking about at times, her guidance helped me to move through these fears and concerns, to a place where I was able to clearly express what's been holding me back. Her intuition was spot on. I am back on track with my confidence and belief in myself is restored."

-Emma Maria Hannah, PA