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Somatic Embodiment in Boulder, CO with Kassandra Brown

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YOU are the focus point. YOU have incredible power.

YOU have the responsibility to heal.

Get on the fast track for resolving your blocks to living with ease and fulfillment with Somatic Embodiment Coaching. I guarantee you will experience:

  • Increased Self-Trust
  • Decreased fear, anxiety, and indecision
  • Increased Love, Harmony, Ease, and Fulfillment with your children that spills over into every area of your life
  • Setting Clear Boundaries
  • Becoming Decisive and Direct while being even more Lovable and Appealing
  • Asking for what you want (and getting it!) without manipulation, whining, hinting, martyrdom, or bribery.
  • Knowing fully in your body, not just in your head, how to connect with your child now and for the rest of your life.

Not able to get to Boulder, CO each week? Not to worry. I’ve supported many people from all over the world with phone and Skype based coaching. No commuting. Super effective. Very convenient. Click here to set a time to talk with me about phone based coaching. 

Is Somatic Embodiment coaching right for you? Ask yourself –

  • Am I a caring parent wanting what’s best for my children?
  • Am I ready to take responsibility for my parenting, my children, and my happiness?
  • Do I want a reliable, caring, compassionate companion during this tough transition? Do I want someone I can count on to show up, cheer me on, and hold me accountable no matter how I’m feeling or what I’ve done?
  • Am I ready to grow up into the parent I always wanted to have?

Is there a voice saying “Yes!” somewhere inside you? Great! Let’s look deeper at Somatic Embodiment Coaching.

“I love that I can show up to our sessions no matter how I’m feeling. We always settle into something that feels right. Sometimes we’re light and playful. Sometimes I’m quiet, sad, and still. Sometimes my sessions are loud with lots of movement. I’ve learning to be all of me (and I like it). My life was pretty awful before, but it’s becoming pretty great now. I’m learning how to ask for what I want although first I had to let myself know what that was. I’m in a new relationship that’s hot and deep. A few months after we started I told Kassandra I’d come for a session every day if I could. I’m not always sure what’s going on but I know it’s good for me and I love it.” ~RF, Boulder, CO


At every level of commitment with Somatic Embodiment Coaching you get:

  • Two 80-minute in-person coaching sessions each month in NE Boulder
  • One 60-minute phone coaching session each month
  • An invitation to join the live, online training on Touch, Listening, and Compassion (TLC)
  • Unlimited email support

Bonus – at the 3 month commitment level

  • A free ticket to our full-day workshop in Boulder on Touch, Consent, and Permission
  • An extra ticket for your friend to the live, online training on Touch, Listening, and Compassion (TLC)

The live workshop on Touch, Consent, and Permission is going to be amazing. When we come together in a group to learn from one another, to laugh and cry together, and to take responsibility for our lives, we find the courage and insight to take quantum leaps forward in our success and ease with our children.

When we bring our friends into our learning journey, we start to speak the same language, build deeper roots in our communities, and increase our sense of trust and safety. I want to make it easy for you to share what you’re learning with the important people in your life. Yay for extra tickets!

Bonus – at the 6 month commitment level

  • Half-day VIP coaching in your home.
  • An extra ticket for your friend to the full day workshop in Boulder on Touch, Consent, and Permission

Having me in your home is a fast-track way to move through any blocks that are holding you back, especially the ones that just seem “normal” to you. When I get to see what’s in your blindspot, I can help you move through those blocks which have become hard to see with ease and efficiency. Having me in your home is powerful. The Half-Day VIP Coaching is the best bonus I could offer for your success, healing, and empowerment as a parent.


One month – $597/mo ($597 total)

Three month commitment – $547/mo ($1641 total)

Six month commitment – $497/mo ($2982 total)


  • “What’s a session like?”

You’ll come in and notice how you want to be in the room. Sitting on the couch? Lying down? Dancing? Do you want to be held? Do you want to talk or be quiet? Each step of the way in all of our sessions, your job is to notice what’s alive in your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. As you cultivate compassion towards whatever arises, you will notice wisdom emerging. You are an amazing human, complete and whole unto yourself. Nothing about you needs to be fixed, changed, or figured out. This is where we start our sessions.

Then we let it unfold from there. We may talk most of the time using my coaching tools like Inner Empathy, Nonviolent Communication, and Empathy Role Play. We will also use your body’s wisdom. One of things that makes my work so uniquely effective are the ways I bring the body into our sessions. As a Professional Cuddlist, a Yoga Teacher and a Somatic Sex Educator, I have found there are ways that your body speaks clearer than your mind or emotions. I love to help you connect with your body in safe, effective, pleasurable, and educational ways. That may mean you’re on a massage table receiving touch, being held and cuddled, or moving in supported yoga poses.

Our coaching is always about you. You are always at choice in every moment.  I never offer a touch or coaching technique that you have not invited. We will go over clear and explicit agreements with plenty of room for your questions about what I offer and what I do not offer before we begin.

  • “Why would I commit to six months?”

The longer you work with me the easier and more successful it is for both of us. In fact, most of my clients continue to work with me longer than six months because they are getting so much out of it. Their relationships with their children feel clearer and more peaceful, their relationships with partners and exes feel easier and more supportive, and they are coming home to themselves — claiming their lives and standing in their power — in ways they didn’t even know they were missing  when we started working together. Growing up into the parent you always wanted to have is a lifelong commitment. When you’ve got great support that makes it both easier and more fun, it’s a no-brainer to stick with it.

  • “With three and six months the prices go down but the bonuses get better. Shouldn’t the price go up?”

I’m so glad you see the value in the bonuses and you commitment. Your commitment is worth a great deal to both of us. I want to reward you for it with both bonuses and a monthly discount. Six months of regular work allows you to sustain your commitment to yourself and your family when things are going well and when things are rough.

Humans tend to see this moment as though it represents all moments. So when you have a great session with me and you take what you learned home and it works fantastically it’s very tempting to think you’ve gotten what you came for and it’s time to stop. That’s a pitfall I want to help you avoid. Likewise, when you have a session with me that’s confusing or blah and you take that home and your children are reactive and distant, it’s easy to think coaching isn’t working and you should quit. That’s a pitfall too. Like any good adventure or roller coaster ride there will be highs and lows. My experience shows me that my clients experience the best chances for real and lasting change when we work together for 6 months or more. Do I want to see you succeed? Absolutely. So I rig the game to make it easy for you to commit and see your own success.

  • “I don’t want to waste my money or my time. How can I be sure this is for real?”

Your doubt is totally understandable. No one wants to fail. In fact, the fear of failure is the barrier most likely to stop you from saying “Yes” to coaching with me. It might seem like you don’t have the time or the money, but underneath those reasons is most likely a fear that you’ll sign up, fail, and feel foolish. The best way not to fail is to fully commit – show up on time, do your homework, share with me, and play as though Somatic Embodiment coaching is the best thing you could do for yourself and your family (which I believe it is). I will do everything in my power to make sure you succeed. If I’m not able to help you to your complete satisfaction, I offer a money back guarantee.

  • “I want to say “Yes” but I’m not sure this will work for me. What can we do?”

I’m so glad you want to feel rock solid in your decision. Everyone has a free phone consultation with me before committing to Somatic Embodiment Coaching. If you’ve read through everything on this page and you’re feelings your inner “Yes” chances are good that you’re a good fit for this coaching and it will work for you. Talking with me before you commit makes it even more likely that you’ll be empowered to give a clear “Yes” or “No” and feel satisfied with the process that lead to that decision. Either way you decide, I’ll enjoy talking with you and do everything in my power to help you get the support you need.

  • “I’m ready to take the next step. What is it?”

Next we make a time to talk. Every client talks with me before we commit to working together. This is the best way to ensure that we’re both clear and committed to working together. I look forward to talking with you! Schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation at

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