Independent Study for Becoming a Successful Parent Coach (Classes)

$900 $450 Special pricing

Self-paced access to “Becoming a Successful Parent Coach” 6-month class

You’ll get access to the recordings and all the written materials for the 6-month class that just completed. Included in this package are:

    • 19 recorded group calls focused on the most efficient ways for each student to become successful with their chosen parent coaching niche.

– These videos are available on YouTube. View a sample from the first class here.

    • The written course “8 Steps to Parent Coaching Success” which focuses on creating a strong foundation for your business.

– The full “8 Steps” are available through View a sample from the Step 1 here.

    • Templates and “fill in the blanks” for your enrollment conversations, introductory sessions, request for referrals and more

– All templates are available through Google Drive. View a sample of the Script for Enrollment Conversations here

The parent coaches who were students in the full class were very happy with it. They all said it was well worth their time and money and that it offered far more than they were expecting. I expect the self-study version to get similar feedback.

We are currently offering this self-study class at half-price, for $450 (instead of $900). Part of the agreement (if you choose to get this class at this price) is that you will give us feedback about the content, the organization of the content, and accessibility. We want it to be easy to use, offer great value, and work. Your feedback will help us make sure the class offers all that and more.

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