Identifying Your Ideal Parent Coaching Clients

Kassandra Brown, parent coach

When you are very clear about what you offer and who can benefit from those services, you will enjoy your coaching work and be very good at it. Your clients will be satisfied and you will end your work day with gratitude and money.

Imagine, you actually get paid for having this much fun!

This Exercise helps you find those people you feel so good working with. Let’s look at clarifying your niche.

Who are YOUR ideal clients? Describe them answering questions like:

• What keeps them up at night? What pain would they pay to remove from their lives?

• How will parent coaching with you benefit them?

• How will they feel while working with you?

• How will they feel once you’ve helped them reach their goals?

• Who is energizing for you to work with?

• Describe your favorite clients or your most enjoyable friends. List 10 characteristics that make those relationships life-affirming, mutual, and fulfilling.

Congratulations! You’ve just described your ideal clients.

Now keep those clients in mind and answer the following questions:

• Where do your ideal clients live? What are their daily rhythms like?

• Where do they work? How much money do they make? Do they like their jobs?

• Where do their kids go to school? Home, private, or public school?

• What do they do for fun? Where? With whom?

• What clubs or groups do they belong to?

Kassandra Brown is a coach based in Boulder, CO.

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