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What is Parent Coaching?

Coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

At we work with parents to maximize the nearly limitless potential of the parent-child relationship.

We foster respectful, connected relationships between parents and children through supporting parents in understanding their own and their children’s feelings, needs, motivations, and strategies.

In doing this, coaches may also work with teachers, guidance counselors, and others who support and are involved in the family life.

See our “Agreements and Guidelines” for more information.

“What support can I get?”

We delight in helping parents and families with:

  • Activities – how to balance after school activities, family, and school. The work/play balance and fostering things to do with “quality time.”
  • Anxious kids or kids with sensory issues. Support the parents to turn their child’s sensitivity into an asset.
  • Bullying: we help parents of both the “bully” and “victim” gain skills they need for supporting their children to be empowered, compassionate, and strong while making amends and owning their own culpability.
  • Chores and helping out at home.
  • Communication skills (parent-kid, kid-teacher, teacher-parent, teacher-administration).
  • Engagement and overwhelm.
  • Homework and how to inspire kids.
  • How to set and keep clear boundaries even with kids who love to challenge boundaries (consistency).
  • Parent transitions from work to play to family – how to do and enjoy each thing you’re doing.
  • Screen time – limits and appropriate use helping parents find their own power and responsibility to find the right amount for their family and their situation.
  • Self-care and unscheduled time/time in nature for both parents and kids. Valuing and finding that time.
  • Transitions – moving to a new school, a new sibling, divorce, separation, or death of a loved one.
  • Interested in a specific topic you don’t see listed? Just ask us. We don’t do everything, but we do a lot.

“What qualifications do coaches have?”

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. All of us value children, parents, and the incredible challenge of raising compassionate, intelligent human beings. We have a deep dedication to being of service to you and helping you realize your vision for a peaceful, loving, supportive family. We are currently Kassandra, Sarah, and Tosca. Here’s a bit more about each of us. Our pictures link to our full stories.

Kassandra Brown, parent coach
Kassandra Brown, joy and parent coach

Kassandra Brown – Lead coach and founder of loves to help parents reconnect with the joy of parenting that can get so easily swamped by daily frustrations like bedtime, squabbling, and “who said what to whom”. Her passion for deep inner work shows through in her ability to guide you into your fears and help you emerge empowered.  She also helps aspiring coaches make a difference while making a living. Contact her  for a complimentary parent coaching session or free assessment and resource training to become a parent coach.



Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones, doula , essential oil specialist and parent coach

Sarah Jones – Raised by a single mom and becoming a teen mom herself, Sarah knows a lot about natural mothering instinct and finding trust within yourself in the face of naysayers. She has a natural gentleness and gift for compassionate listening that creates trust and connection with all her clients. She is a doula and essential oil specialist who brings her experience with pregnancy, birth, and the early childhood years into her parent coaching. Schedule with Sarah.


Tosca Devito
Tosca DeVito, craniosacral therapist and parent coach

Tosca DeVito – CranioSacral Therapist and parent coach delights in helping parents and children connect their minds, bodies, and emotions for more complete healing and integration. Experiences tend to hang out in our bodies. Tosca understands the language of the body and can help decode it for you.  She uses the wisdom of the body to make the connection to the mind and heart. Using tools such as mindfulness meditation and neurological integration, Tosca invites parents to get to the root of what they want and establish long term goals that help get them there and beyond. Schedule with Tosca

All coaches at agree to provide confidentiality, communication, and effective support as detailed in the ICF core competencies and ICF code of ethics. However, coaches are not certified by ICF.

“What’s your philosophy?”

When we connect empathetically with a parent, it creates space and awareness in her (or him). Once you, as a parent, connect with your own feelings, needs, and strategies then you are in a much better place to respond with compassion and clear boundaries to your child(ren). When you come from your own core knowing and grounded beliefs, you are more effective, flexible, strong, and resilient with your children. There is nothing that teaches these skills to children better than seeing them modeled by their parents. Working with one of our parent coaches can help you achieve this and more.


  • All humans have needs. Everything we do, we do out of a desire to meet our basic needs.
  • All humans have feelings. Feelings are neither good nor bad, although some are more pleasant to experience than others. Feelings are doorways into deeper connection with ourselves and our children.
  • All humans have strategies we use to attempt to get our needs met. These strategies are often tragically ineffective.
  • All humans are basically good.  Children and adults are both humans.
  • All humans are born with wisdom and vitality.

How do I meet with you?

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll take it from there! One on one coaching, group coaching and workshops, referrals for other services, online webinars and more are all in our tool belts. Most of our work happens remotely through the phone and internet. Special exceptions can be made for in person workshops and coaching.

Curious how phone coaching works? Read more about it here.

Free Services

We offer free webinars and group coaching presentations on everything listed above. Parents, guidance counselors, teachers, and school administrators alike can access these presentations from the comfort of their own home.

Wear your pajamas; no one will know.

We love helping schools with the issues that are most pressing for the student body. We can brainstorm together in our free initial consultation about how we can best support you.

After the free presentation there is always the option of doing a longer/more detailed class or group coaching on any of the above topics. Contact us for rates and details.


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