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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Over 3 years and 200 contact hours with Jon Kabbat-Zinn (founder of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center For Mindfulness and author of Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting and co-teachers have given me a firm foundation in mindfulness practices. This work allows me to comfortably guide you into our parent coaching with a surgeon’s skillful touch: subtle, precise, and effective.
Inner Empathy Professional Track
Inner empathy welcomes all the experiences of each person with compassion, curiosity, and awareness. This training allows me to help you connect with your whole experience, to remove blocks to your own creative excellence, and to bring more of your complete self to your parenting. Three 8 week courses and hundreds of hours of practicum.
School for the Work of Byron Katie
Using tools from the 9-day School for the Work plus many hours facilitating and participating in inquiry, I help you use the Work to unravel your story about the causes of your suffering. Together we help you move beyond accusation and behavior modification into truly effective parenting insights and real change within your family.
Pre-Natal Yoga Teaching
For 7 years, I supported expectant mothers and their partners in the miracle of pregnancy and birth preparation. This yoga background allows me to bring a deep respect for the wisdom that resides in your body and trust in your own unique process of healing your relationships with your children.
Direct Experience
I have two daughters born in 2005 and 2008. With them I have direct experience of homebirthing, waterbirthing, extended and tandem breastfeeding, going diaper free using elimination communication, co-sleeping, separation anxiety, gentle discipline, and homeschooling. I bring to your parent coaching sessions the joy of my successes and the hard-won lessons of my mistakes. Both are offered in the service of supporting you.
Formal Education
Bachelor of Science with distinction (aka honors) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science. 1996

What My Clients Are Saying

“Still glowing from an incredible parent-coaching session with the wonderful Kassandra Brown this morning. I had a vision of walking onto a HUGE stage to wild applause in an ENORMOUS amphitheater (think 100,000 screaming/fainting fans!!) – all cheering in a wild frenzy for ME – Supermama! Think: The “Nobel Peace Prize” for Motherhood – I deserve it!! (and so do you!) ♥” Danya Rivlin

“I loved our session, and found it illuminating and nurturing, even with my kids in the background. It was helpful to start with the centering. You gave me heads-up along the way and I trusted you, which left me feeling embraced. It was surprisingly full and rich for an hour. It felt like a longer workshop in its fullness. Overall I have only good feelings and blessings!” Suzanne Handwork, Boulder, CO, USA

“I like how you start with settling in, noticing my breath, grounding, waking up my self awareness (which I forget to do so often in day to day life with children).
I was surprised by how nice it felt as I expected parent coaching over the phone to be very different. I felt heard, safe, and you always gave plenty of time for me to go through whatever I needed to. I wondered if moments of silence would be awkward, but you allowed them very easily.” Alison, Seattle, WA, USA

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