Sarah Jones: Parent Coach, Doula, and Essential Oil Specialist

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I am a mother to 3 darling girls who have shown me far more about myself than anything else in my life. For me, being a mother has always been an instinctual experience. I had my first daughter when I was 17 and in high school. After being disowned by my abusive mother, I moved out of her house and in with my boyfriend’s mom who helped me learn all that I’d need to care for myself and my baby. The month before I graduated and turned 18, Tessa was born. It was in a hospital, in a room full of people and yet, it was just her and I. My entire life changed in that moment in such a tender way. I finally had a purpose and for the first time in my life, had a true understanding of what it meant to experience unconditional love. I relied entirely on my intuition when it came to her as nothing else seemed sufficient. The advice I heard from others didn’t match up with what I felt my inner guidance system was telling me was right for us. I breastfed without any trouble, I took good care of my body and hers. We lived moment by precious moment, i reveling in her and her soaking it all up in the precious way new babies do. I had absolutely no doubt about my capability to provide loving guidance for my baby girl and after spending another year suppressed by yet another abuser, I focused that loving attention on myself. We moved in with some dear friends and I vowed to never allow abuse in my life again. I’ve become very grateful for that time in my life, however. In order to find peace in such an environment, I discovered yoga and I credit my practice for our liberation.

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones

After trying out a few different jobs, I found it increasingly difficult to leave my daughter in the care of people who didn’t love her as much as I did. That’s when I began working at a daycare that she could attend so that I could be near her, know her caregivers and where I had the opportunity to learn about early childhood development. The daycare generously covered the cost of my education and it was there that I made many great connections with the beautiful families that I would babysit for. There were quite a few families, as I was a single mother trying to make ends meet. I observed many households and many different parenting styles, but the main thing that stood out to me was how much each parent truly loved their children and valued me as their caregiver, regardless of their social standing. I found myself being supported by those families, not only financially but emotionally. Each child I cared for and their parents provided me with a treasured learning experience and I had a great passion and appreciation for them, especially the other single, working mothers. I worked at that daycare for 4 years before it closed and therefore closed a precious chapter in my life.

During that time I met someone who truly loved me and Tessa. He was strong and reliable, truthful and opinionated and mostly, had a great respect for my situation and how he could contribute to our lives to make it better. We moved in together after I tried working at another daycare for a while, but the fulfillment that I had found at the previous one was lacking and so I decided to open my own daycare in our home. This new perspective was challenging in the beginning of our “living together” relationship, but it clarified boundaries and provided us with a crystal clear vision when it came to our future. We were married in November, 2006 and after suffering a miscarriage, I became pregnant with Tessa’s little sister at the end of 2007.

Reagan was born in June of 2008 and her sister, Hailey Mae, followed in March of 2010. It was in that year, the year that we completed our family, that I began to feel that my inner life was shifting, once again. I no longer felt the passion that I had in caring for children from my home. Sadly, I was beginning to feel burned out and ready to move on from the profession that had served me so well. But what would I do? I knew nothing other than childcare, but felt strongly that I still wanted to work with families, maybe just from a new angle. One morning, as I sat in meditation, the word midwife came to me along with a strong sense of excitement! It was blissful to receive that inspiration in such a clear way. However, my children were still so little and I had and still have, a strong desire to be present with them. With this in mind, I pursued a career as a labor and postpartum doula, allowing me to ease into the birth world to gain knowledge, experience and perspective.

I completed my doula certification through Doula Trainings International (DTI) in May of 2012. For 2 years, I worked as a volunteer with GALS (giving Austin labor support), a non-profit organization in Austin that supports birthing services for low-income women. After attending a number of births and supporting families during the postpartum time, I discovered a raw sense of vulnerability surrounding each of my clients. I saw the opportunity to be of service to them in a new way, outside of the doula spectrum and in the form of parent coaching. This revelation inspired within me, the desire to guide parents toward delving more deeply into complex issues in order to find the reality of the matter, in regards to different relationships within ourselves and the ones around us. The goal of this is to illuminate and therefore acknowledge and embrace the ideal foundation within each specific family dynamic with the awareness that we are ever expanding.

Sarah and Tessa
Sarah and her daughter at a special party to honor her daughter’s strength, courage, and beauty.

This work has also allowed me to remain present with my children as I’m no longer called away to births in the middle of the night. I can schedule my time according to my family’s direct needs and remain working with families in an intimate way. The inspiration to become a midwife is still strong within me and I hold the knowing that there will be a more appropriate time that I will align with that part of me.

In addition to my doula certification and coaching, I have been mentored as a placenta encapsulation specialist and attend workshops and trainings regularly with the intention of continuing my education in all of these subjects. It was through one of these workshops that I learned about doTERRA essential oils and the benefits that they hold when it comes to birth and family life in general. It wasn’t until I was introduced to doTERRA oils that I knew the full therapeutic power of essential oils. I’ve found it to be incredibly empowering to have the ability to take the care of my family’s wellness into my own hands in such a profoundly simple and life changing way.

Each of my experiences have driven me to claim responsibility for the life I live now. To be of service in the way of parent coaching is my choice, my purpose and my newest passion!

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