Margot Hawk, author and parent coach

Perhaps you have tried medication, therapy, feeling broken or hopeless without relief? Perhaps you have expectations about how your children should behave, are upset with them, deal with feelings of depression, exhaustion, and trying to give from an empty cup?

Margot coaches from experience having found her own way through each of these to a deep trust in herself becoming a gentle yet firm guide for you. She can help you accept and love yourself and therefore have the freedom to love your children and your partner.

Her methods involved compassionate listening, parts work, psychic chord work, life regression, and gentle guidance. She combines modalities to create a custom coaching session each time with each person. Those who have worked with her tell her they feel free, light, and empowered, more loving toward their children, self, and others. They are free to set boundaries and not have to be “on” all the time. Their cup fills and they can give from their abundance.
Margot coaches, lives, and writes from her strong belief that all people have Light within which is Love. They can connect with this Light allowing it to bless everything they are and do.

She works primarily with adults to help them release their blocks to their own happiness and self-worth. She knows that the ability to be the parent you want to be must start with our own self-worth.

Since elementary school, Margot has been coaching others in some form. Delighted to be part of  Kassandra Brown’s her goal is to help those who are drawn to her coaching.

Her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and English from West Chester University provides the formal vehicle for her pursuit. She’s written a trio of Anessa books wherin she weaves ceremonies for life’s transitions into a fictional story. She has two other novels forthcoming that can help with deep understanding of love and forgiveness.

Margot currently resides in Staunton, VA where she offers workshops and private sessions. She is an intuitive healer, a reflexology instructor, a Reiki practitioner, and a facilitator for A Course in Miracles. Her gentle kindness, wit, sense of adventure, and caring radiates through the stories she creates in her coaching and teaching as well as her novels.

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