Annette Downing

Annette is engaging, warm, kind and professional. As your parenting coach she will work with you to strengthen your family.

I am emotionally intelligent, adaptable, optimistic and willing to be of service. Most of all I am passionate about coaching parents to help them to achieve their vision of family relationships. I work with parents to develop practical actions so that they can parent with confidence and ease.

My mission is to help parents to become the best possible versions of themselves as parents.

When my children were young I would attend parenting courses and read as much as I possibly could about parenting. I always wanted to have children and I loved being a parent, but there were ups and downs in our family life, especially during our time living as expatriates. Having 3 young children in a foreign country (Singapore, China and then  Russia) was often challenging. I always found that having someone who would listen to me really helped and I relied on my new found friends in each country.

I am now based in Melbourne, Australia and dedicated to helping parents become the best parents they can be. I have over 30 years of experience teaching children, working with parents and teachers. I have worked in Australia and overseas in various education-related roles. After gaining my coaching accreditation with growth coaching international, I successfully coached classroom teachers in my school. I was also the ‘go to’ for parents in the school community and this inspired me to train as a parent coach.

I am the mother of 3 adult children who all now live independently. We are still very connected as a family and our children (along with partners) enjoy meals, outings and holidays with us.


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