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“Your ebook is fantastic, thank you!  I love the clarity of your writing style and the way you demonstrate how to use your passion and purpose to drive the not-always-so-fun-but-essential-bits like marketing.  I’ve read it a few times now and it’s currently my go-to when I’m feeling the fear or a little demotivated – it’s so inspiring, thank you!” ~Nicola Farr, UK

What this EBook will teach you


If you want to know how to become a successful parent coach then The Powerful Parent Coach is your guide through the essential steps of finding clients, coaching parents, and handling your own success.

The 3 Essential Skills


  1. How to get clients whenever you want them. And not just any clients, your ideal clients; the parents who are so rewarding to coach they make your work feel like the most fun you’ve ever had.
  2. How to be a great coach, handling any client or potential client with grace and ease.
  3. How to integrate your new parent coaching business into your life. You’ll get the support for your inner game that makes becoming a parent coach not just financially rewarding, but personally and emotionally rewarding as well.

Positive Parent Book Best

Learn the secrets to creating a flexible business that supports you so that you have the time, freedom, and energy to support the people you love.

Kassandra Brown
Founder, parentcoaching.org
Hi, I’m Kassandra Brown and I’m passionate about being a force for positive change in these ecologically and socially challenging times. Helping parents connect with their children and have happier families is the way I leverage my working hours to support my values. It wasn’t always this way. in late 2010 my husband got diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome and found himself unable to work. My efforts to support us by teaching yoga, something I’d done for 15 years, weren’t enough.  We were on food stamps and hitting bottom when we bravely stepped into aligning our lives more firmly with our values. We moved our family to live in community at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and I started parentcoaching.org. Those two decisions have lead me to trust the value of aligning my life and work with my values. Parent coaching and community have taught me how to listen deeply and compassionately, how to set boundaries, and how to ask for what I want. I’ve also learned how to navigate divorce with grace and good will, how to go from homeschool to private school for my girls, and how to be both flexible and firm. I’ve learned how to ask for help and how to value the help I offer others. Now I want to teach you what I’ve learned through my years of trial-and-error – how to be a successful parent coach making a difference in the lives of children and parents while making ample money and having flexible time to live your values.
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Some words on the program


Kassandra is the real deal. She can’t keep good things to herself but instead shares them generously. Over the last year and a half, Becky and I have grown tremendously as a couple. We communicate more clearly, we are more patient, slower to take offense, and more respectful of our differences.”

Ryan Brown, St. Louis

You helped me get a full, strong vision for what I want to do and then back it up with the skills and confidence to manifest my vision. Your coaching lead me to a place in my life where everything is flourishing because of this awesome focus I have.”

Sarah Jones,  Buda, TX

I can’t believe I’ve finished! Thank you for all your warm support & encouragement. I sent off a newsletter called “Things of the Heart” on April 1 & then this morning sent another titled “3 Ways to Simplifiy and Create More Quality Time”. I’m reaching out as a parent coach and it’s fun.”

Cristy Josephs, Minneapolis

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My name is Kassandra Brown, I am compelled by a vision to help you become the parent coach you want to be. Your ideal clients are out there, waiting for you, needing the help you offer.  Let’s get started finding them together.

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