Our Coaches

Like good ice cream, everyone on our team is trained to help you through tough moments and each of our parenting coaches have different specialties. Which flavor is right for you?

Kassandra Brown, Divorce and Other Tough Transitions

Kassandra supports you to create a life you love and a family of your choosing especially during times of grief, loss, and separation. 

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LindaRay Miller,
Non-Violent Communication

Whether you need one session or an ongoing coach in your corner, LindaRay uses her skills in Non-Violent Communication to build connection with all family members.

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Margot Hawk,
Spiritual Guidance and Ritual 

A published author of the "Anessa" series for young adults, Margot specializes in ritual for transitions and coaching for those who've tried everything else.

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Linda McNabb, 
No-nonsense humor and wisdom

After 30 years in child-care, very little suprises Linda. Her humor, wisdom, and no-nonsense compassion make her a particularly good fit for parents of toddlers.

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