Classes for Parents offers periodic classes on such relevant topics as:

  • Screen time – harmless past-time or addiction? How and when to step in.
  • Connection – the key to all things good in your family. What it is, how to strengthen it, and how not to break it.
  • Nonviolent Communication – listening for feelings and needs, making clear requests, and catching yourself in your manipulative ways of speaking are all keys to connection and family harmony. Nonviolent Communication or NVC has clear formats to make it easy.
  • TLC – Touch, Listening, and Compassion are all keys to family harmony and ending power struggles. Especially during times of tough transition, learning TLC can make all the difference in your family.

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In addition to our online classes, all of our coaches offer workshops in their local areas.  What area are you in? Click the link below to learn more about that coach and find ways to connect.