About ParentCoaching.org

Mission: To create room for real, effective, loving relationships between parents and children through supporting parents in understanding their own and their children’s feelings, needs, motivations, and strategies.


  • All humans are basically good.
  • All humans have needs.
  • All humans have feelings.
  • All humans have strategies we use to attempt to get our needs met.
  • Children and adults¬†are both¬†humans.

Philosophy: When I connect empathetically with a parent, it creates space and awareness in her (or him). Once you as a parent connect with your own feelings, needs, and strategies then you are in a much better place to respond with compassion and clear boundaries to your child(ren). When you come from your own core knowing and grounded beliefs, you are more effective, flexible, strong, and resilient with your children. There is nothing that teaches these skills to children better than seeing them modeled by their parents. Working with me as your parent coach can help you achieve this and more.

The following 8 and a half minute audio is a guided meditation to help you begin the process of connecting with the compassionate and empathetic energy within you. Once you connect with the compassionate energy within you, healing and change are more easily accessible. Enjoy!

Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Compassion